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Poul Grage is an improvisor, drummer, percussionist,
composer and educator

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Vintage Records
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Poul Grage performs with an eye born to the Australian light and broad horizons, a dose of dry Scandinavian humour and a glint of Catalan fire. Composer, band leader, dad, husband and community activist, he has been educated by esteemed institutions and the joy of performing with the many peoples of our culture and world. Playing percussion and drum kit, he traverses territory informed by improvised, classical and non-Western music. His sound palette is eclectic, drawing on American, European and Australian jazz and other “world” folk influences. He freelances across many styles, including rock, blues funk, big band jazz, and as a roving musical clown, playing local, national and international gigs. Recent projects include “Mirror Dance – Mating of the Weedy Sea Dragon” as Music Director (FFF23), “Changing Seas” featuring his compositions set to a video by Tasma Pittock (FFF23). Poul has released a series of solo improvisations on Bandcamp.

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Changing Seas

Changing Seas

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